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It is said of Ridge Meadows Home Show: “If you can’t sell product at this show, you’ve either got the wrong product or you don’t know how to sell.”

Lauded for its combination of quality exhibitors and consistently high traffic, the show delivers solid results, booth rates well below its closest competitors and an efficient organization that makes exhibiting easy – even for first timers.

A proud 30-year history is the backdrop for the unrivalled success of the show – that and its location in the burgeoning centre of Maple Ridge – one of Canada’s fastest growing areas in both population and median income.

Buoyed by visitor surveys that for the past ten years have delivered an 85 per cent “Good to Excellent” ranking, the show is a consistent sellout and draws upwards of 20,000 visitors from throughout the Lower Mainland area.

Featuring quality exhibitors in home improvements, decor, design, furnishings, housewares, electronics, landscaping and specialty areas such as wellness and financial services, the show is set against a backdrop of partnering family events that include a children’s festival and other dynamic traffic builders.

A $30,000 promotions budget finances on-location radio broadcasts and comprehensive print media coverage leading up to the event, making Ridge Meadows Home Show among the best promoted shows in Western Canada.

Attention Small Business Owners!

Small business owners often find themselves on a shoestring budget when it comes to marketing. Yet without marketing, how can you grow? Everyone knows Ridge Meadows Home Show, with its consistent attendance of 20,000-plus and its broad promotion, is the ideal opportunity to showcase business. Many of our clients find their product sold out over the three days of our show and for some, attending means booking clients for the entire year.
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Registered Exhibitors

Welcome Registered Exhibitors! Use this section to access special deals and discounts on printing, signs, accommodations, those important corporate branding items: T-shirts, hats, etc and rental items such as tables, chairs, carpet and lighting and even a new website.

Here’s where you’ll find answers to all your questions about your booth, placement in the show, move-in appointments, parking and our exhibitor shuttles.

Be sure to forward this information to your staff and booth set-up crew.

To access this section, you will need a password, available from the home show office: 604-467-3950.